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FoamWorks believes in the value offered by trade specialization. This enables us to deliver to our customers the best possible products and quality of work, for the best possible price. This is the reason FoamWorks specializes in the installation of closed cell, medium density spray foam insulation.

However, over the years, many of our customers have also been requesting attic blown-in insulation. To accomodate these requests, FoamWorks is also providing attic blown-in insulation as a complementery service to our spray foaming, with the same great quality of work.

Foamworks has the capacity and expertise to complete projects both large and small in scope. We provide spray foam insulation services directly to the homeowner, as well as builders and contractors. With over 25 combined years of industry experience, our customers can be assured that any job undertaken by FoamWorks is always done right!

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residential_homeSpray foam insulation is very effective as an insulating material in a residential structure. Spray foam insulation is commonly applied on walls and foundations, both interior and exterior, ceilings, pipes and ducts, attics, floors, and header spaces between the joists in basements and between floors. Spray foam insulation is also commonly applied to garage ceilings if there is a living space above.

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commercialSpray foam insulation is very effective as an insulating material in commercial buildings. In a commercial setting, spray foam insulation can be applied as an interior insulation, as part of a roofing system, in ceilings, on pipes and ducts, as an under slab insulation, and as an exterior wall insulation.

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Agricultural / Cottages

Spray foam insulation is very effective as an insulating material in agricultural outbuildings such as barns, garages, workshops and equestrian centers. These structures are often susceptible to moisture penetration and animal invasion, to which spray foam insulation is resistant. Cottages will benefit from spray foam insulation in the same way as other residential structures. In addition, as seasonal structures are often built on piers, spray foam insulation is particularly useful for insulating the underside of floors.

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Foam Works has extensive experience addressing the insulation requirements of various types of heritage structures, from Victorian-era homes in Toronto’s oldest neighborhoods, to historic commercial buildings. Insulating heritage structures can provide unique challenges and often requires a modified approach to ensure the proper application of our products.

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cufcaFoamWorks is a member of the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA), an organization representing the spray foam insulation industry in Canada. CUFCA is committed to sustaining high industry standards and encouraging the ongoing professional development of members such as FoamWorks.

Only trained and certified installers can install medium density spray foam insulation. FoamWorks is required to maintain at least one trained and certified installer on each work site at all times. FoamWorks installers must renew their certification on an annual basis, which may be revoked at any time. FoamWorks abides by CUFCA’s Quality Assurance Program.

This program has been developed using ISO 9002 principles, ensuring a high level of confidence in the spray foam insulation applied in your project. The Quality Assurance Program ensures that the product is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, Canadian standards and appropriate installation standards and specifications.




 A warranty guaranteeing professional and consistent installations is provided by FoamWorks and the supplier of the spray foam insulation selected for your project. In addition, a third warranty is provided by the Energy Conservation Contractors Warranty Corporation. These three warranties ensure that you are protected!