Hiring the Right Insulation Contractor for Your Home: 6 Tips

If your energy costs are skyrocketing and winter drafts from the attic have you reaching for thick jackets, it’s time to improve your home’s insulation. This means bringing in the insulation experts for many houses. Hiring the correct professional is critical to ensure that your house is adequately protected from the elements. Furthermore, according to Energy Star and the EPA, installing the correct type of insulation may save you 15% on average on heating and cooling costs each year.

The correct professional will be familiar with R-values and climatic zones, so you won’t have to. The six actions listed below will help take the guesswork out of finding a trustworthy insulation contractor near you.

1. Understand Your Insulation Needs

Before you start looking for a contractor to install or repair the insulation in your house, think about your goals and how insulation can help you reach them. A contractor can then ask specific questions to design a tailored strategy for your needs. Inform them if a drafty attic is causing you concern. Let them know if you’re dead bent on employing spray foam over cellulose. While you don’t need to be an insulation expert, having a basic awareness of your project’s requirements can help you choose the perfect contractor.

2. Search for Qualified Contractors

The first step is to find an insulation contractor qualified to meet your needs. A good place to start is with the Better Business Bureau, which has a searchable database of business entities nationwide. The U.S. Department of Energy also has a database of state-certified contractors.

3. Check Out the Contractors’ References

The Better Business Bureau offers information about contractors who have been the subject of complaints, but you can also ask the contractor for references. Ask the contractor for the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of at least three people who have firsthand experienced the contractor’s services. Call the references, and ask questions like:

  • What was the insulation project’s goal?
  • What area or system did the project cover?
  • How long did the project take?
  • How satisfied are you with the results?
  • How did the contractor communicate with you?
  • Would you use them again?

If they did a good job with an insulation project, they should have no problem answering these questions.

4. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews of insulation contractors are available on search sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Don’t just rely on the reviews, however. Always follow the above steps to find and interview at least three contractors.

5. Call Around and Compare Prices

Good insulation contractors will not be the cheapest or the most expensive on your list. Price should not be the driving factor in your decision. You also don’t have to do business with the first person on your list. You can call around to other contractors and compare prices. This will also let you know if a company is giving you a fair price.

6. Check Your Energy Provider’s List of Preferred Contractors.

Search your energy company’s website for a list of suggested, approved, or preferred contractors to help you restrict the field. Although not every energy supplier will give such a list, it’s a wonderful place to start your search if yours does.


Your budget, home’s age and type, and the contractor’s reputation will all play a role in choosing the right insulation contractor for your home. While you may not be able to find the perfect contractor for your needs, you can minimize the risk of a bad experience by following the tips above.

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